Roof Top Cafe

Wedding Planning Made Easy In Key West

I’m no good at planning anything. Even a trip to the grocery store is a little bit out of my comfort zone. Despite that fact, when friends called last year to tell me they were getting married in Key West and asked if I could I help them, I immediately said, yes. That may not make sense to you…For me it did, only because I know two things I haven’t told you. Number one is that I am the licensed minister who agreed to officiate the ceremony. Number two is that when it comes to Key West weddings and the events surrounding them, I know where to go: The Roof Top Cafe.

During the course of a year, between rehearsal dinners, wedding receptions and the ceremonies, The Roof Top Cafe will be host to close to 200 wedding related events. They have weddings down to a science, and offer far more than you would expect from a restaurant. From arranging the flowers to hiring the entertainment, they have the connections to make sure that you have the Key West wedding of your dreams.

As the date came and went, The Roof Top Cafe didn’t disappoint. The dining room was decorated beautifully, the colorful flowers were exactly what the bride had hoped for and the food, well let’s just say, Key West restaurants don’t stay in business as long as The Roof Top Cafe if they don’t offer the finest food on the island. By the end of their special day, my newlywed friends joked that they were going to get divorced just so they could have another wedding at The Roof Top Cafe. (At least I think they were joking.)